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A selection of Independent VARIDESK testimonials from New Zealand and around the world as well as some informative articles on sitting disease and the benefits of a mixed sit/stand work environment.

Ali Gibson Physio Podiatrist


Love my Varidesk. I have been using one every day for over a year now. I have had great results using varidesk as a tool to treat my patients with both chronic and acute, back and neck pain.

We have one in each treatment room for each computer and one for the receptionist. Great investment.

A must for anyone who uses a computer. A++

NZ Herald on sitting dangers for women increased risk of cancerSITTING DOWN INCREASES WOMEN'S RISK OF CANCER - NZ HERALD

Spending too much leisure time sitting down increases a woman’s risk of cancer – even among those who do plenty of exercise.

Those who are seated for more than six hours a day are more likely to suffer cancers, particularly of the breast, ovaries and bone marrow, researchers have found.

View the full NZ Herald article here


Fran from Ergo-OT and member of the NZ Ergonomics society tested out the VARIDESK Pro Plus 30 and provided a review on her website.

They then went on to purchase VARIDESK for their team. 

View Review here

Powerco NZ Varidesk TestimonialPOWERCO - TERESA

Firstly, what fabulous great service – ordering and delivery is so quick and easy. Simply awesome!

These desks are so great that I have now ordered over 12 of them for our staff and have had more requests.
Everyone who tries them just loves them.

The ease of putting up and down is brilliant and the top surface area holds two screens with ease. The newer ones have a larger area for the mouse which is great. These are fantastic.


Fantastic quality and brilliantly fast delivery (arrived next day). My Varidesk has become a real talking point with people who come to the office and after only a few days it really does feel like my productivity is up.

MPI Varidesk Feedback


I took a bit of a gamble buying the varidesk without having actually seen one other than on the website, but have not been disappointed. I use it with a single monitor, which means there is plenty of room to have paperwork etc. sitting to the side. The adjustment between sitting and standing is as easy as it looks on the videos. Overall highly recommended.

Kiwibank Ergonomic Desk Review


Hi Team Kiwibank have purchased this for me as I have back issues I have had it now for 2 weeks and really enjoying having both the options of standing as sitting as and when required. Bonus that we didn’t need to try and fit a desk in to suit Simple to use, just have to support myself a little when putting it up and down, just a matter of getting used to it Thank you, it has made a difference for me

Trusted Reviews do a Varidesk Review


London based reviews company Trusted Reviews trials and gives their feedback on the VARIDESK PRO 36

View review here

Access Solutions Varidesk FeedbackACCESS SOLUTIONS - WENDY

Love it! The desk top app is really good for monitoring how long you’re sitting and standing and how many calories burnt while standing, which is brilliant! I find data input is easier while standing; I love being able to move freely and not having to twist like you do in a chair. Only had it a week, but I’m converted.

As the others have said, the mat isn’t just an optional extra – it enhances the whole experience. My feet are always sore, but the mat is so cushioned, my feet feel ok at the end of the day. I prefer it with flat shoes, or bare feet, but however you do it, the mat is a must with the stand up desk.

The Creative Shop Varidesk ReviewTHE CREATIVE SHOP - MELISSA

Totally loving this product. I love that it came assembled, I popped it up and worked standing for 3 hours after coming back from a spin class. It was pretty effortless. My back feels so much better today. I can raise and lower the desk with my cup of tea on and no spills. Its sturdy, well built and really good value for money. Totally recommend you get one of these babies.

Washington Post Standing Desk Review


A great write up on standing desks & the VARIDESK from the Washington Times.

View article here

Wellbeing North Canterbury


We purchased one of these for our admin staff member to try and the feedback has been very positive. So, we have now purchased another two.
The quality of the product is outstanding – extremely well made.

The service from the VARIDESK team has also been fantastic when it came to questions I had around which size to purchase.

Basically the whole process has been a breeze. Looking forward to getting my one as I have a hip injury and sitting can be quite painful at times. Hopefully this will help.

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