The name may be new, but our commitment to our fans remains the same, and so does our collection of high-quality products.
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Elevating People Since Day One

From our first standing desk solution to our latest innovations, elevating people is what motivates us.

Where We Started

We created our first product for a colleague who needed a simple way to stand up at work to relieve his back pain. The original VariDesk® sit-stand desk converter was so successful it set the standard for the industry and inspired a whole new category of active workspace products. We soon discovered that our streamlined, direct-to-consumer business model was just as popular as the VariDesk itself. Customers started asking us for office furniture that offered the same simplicity, quality, and affordability, so we listened and began expanding our mission beyond the desk.

Where We're Going

We still proudly sell our award-winning sit-stand converters and everything you need to create an active, productive workspace. By building lasting relationships with our customers, we’ve created a worldwide fanbase that appreciates our commitment to quality, simplicity, and superior service. Our journey may have started with a desk, but now we’re so much more — and we’re just getting started.

Our Mission is Simple

Vari creates workspaces that elevate people. How do we do it? It’s simple.

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