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As of August 2017, Vari® was the first company in the world to have sit-stand office products receive the UL BIFMA Performance Certification mark.

The UL BIFMA performance mark is the first and only program that certifies that products meet BIFMA standards and provides a basis for evaluating the performance and durability of products.

product prototype being sanded in a laboratory

Besides testing with third party laboratories, Vari also has an on-site UL Data Witness lab at our manufacturing location. That means we’re able to test our products on-site under supervision of a UL representative who can issue certifications. This saves us time in the testing process and allows us to bring products to market quickly without sacrificing safety or quality.

Vari is proud to offer quality products that not only help you have a healthier workday, but also feature quality materials that are produced sustainably in healthy environments to the strictest industry standards. The chart below details the certifications achieved by each of our products.
Vari Certifications

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