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What's up with the mat?

What's up with the mat?

Anti-Fatigue Mat

You may be new to standing at work or you may have been a standing desk user way before it was popular. Maybe you are in the process of making the leap into a standing office. We have one question for you stand on an anti-fatigue mat at your standing desk? Because having a stand up desk is only half of the battle for a healthier office life, the mat will make the world of difference to your standing experience. We mean it.

"The Mat 34™ is the perfect companion to your VariDesk. I’ve tried standing at my desk both with and without the mat and the difference is very noticeable. It allows you to stand for longer periods of time without getting as sore or fatigued and it’s nice and cool on your bare feet in the summer"

Does the anti-fatigue mat really work?
The mat will give you an instant feeling of standing on softness under your feet. Most of our customers recommend getting the mat with the standing desk and some go as far as comparing it to investing in a pair of good shoes! Standing on a hard floor can be very uncomfortable for the whole body and constricts leg muscles then reduces the blood flow, then you are back to square one from sitting too long. This is when the mat works its magic, the flexibility of the mat allows muscles to subtly contract and expand and your legs will instantly feel less restricted.

"The Mat is a must, in my opinion. Love the Varidesk but can't imagine standing for an extended period of time without the mat as support. Highly recommend!"

Many of our customers shared with us how much the mat has helped reducing back pain and spine discomfort. The combination of sitting and standing throughout the day along with standing on an anti-fatigue mat will all contribute to a happier and healthier day in the office. 

David Roberts

David Roberts

Katherine is one of the Directors of VARIDESK New Zealand. She has a passion for health and wellness in the workplace and helping others to enjoy the benefits of a standing desk.

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