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Varidesk – Stepping up for Steptember!

Varidesk – Stepping up for Steptember!

Varidesk Steptember
Varidesk NZ has joined the Steptember challenge.

We are taking 10,000 steps a day to raise funds to support children and adults in New Zealand with cerebral palsy.

Every step will be made easier knowing it’s for a very worthy cause.

Every dollar we raise will provide vital equipment, therapy and programs to children and adults living with cerebral palsy.

We hope that in raising funds and awareness to this charity, ground breaking research will be made that will prevent and may even one-day cure cereral palsy.

Our team are taking every opportunity to step throughout the day at our standing desks. We are continuously checking each other’s pedometer to compare our progress and reach 10,000 steps. Our tactics so far have included stepping and dancing to music at our standing desks, walking during our lunch breaks, hiking up Mount Maunganui before work in the morning, and generally jumping around. 

VarideskNZ are offering $50 off every desk purchase for companies who have registered for Steptember. Plus, with every desk purchase VarideskNZ will further donate $10 towards cerebral palsy.

Join us and step up to the challenge. Get fit for a good cause! You can register your company via the Steptember website: or you can donate to the cause via this link: 

Keep an eye on our social media pages Instagram& Facebook where we will keep you up to date about our progress and challenges along the way.

Cheers to Steptember!

Shaina Low

Shaina Low

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