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Varidesk Review from New Zealand based entrepreneur Bradley Hook

Varidesk Review from New Zealand based entrepreneur Bradley Hook

We recently received an email and Varidesk review from Bradley Hook

Bradley is a Tauranga based entrepreneur who founded Hook Media, & 

Hi Varidesk team,

I'm a huge fan of your product, it has literally changed the way I work! My little set up video has had a few views as well 

He shared a Youtube video he created that reviews the Varidesk Pro Plus 48 and has had over 8000 views. This video gives a full overview of the product from unboxing right up to installing and configuring your workstation for optimum comfort.

It's an entertaining and informative 10 minute clip so if you are considering a standing desk converter we suggest you grab the popcorn get into it!

Transcription from video:

Like many people I spent far too much on my life hunched over a desk have calculated that i spend around 16 hours a day in this position and that's not good and results in all kinds of shoulder and back pain and general stiffness.

You know it doesn't matter how much you go to the gym or do other activities in your spare time if you're spending too much of your life hunched over a computer . You're going to end up with problems so i tried constructing a stand-up desk out of various things like boxes and coffee tables and you know it was nice it worked but it was an absolute mission to take down because especially when you're getting used to having a standing desk you are not strong enough or fit enough to spend all your time standing in that position.

I think it's probably healthier to spend a little bit of time standing and a little bit of time sitting so what I did was invest in a Varidesk which is an adjustable desk that sits on top of your existing platform so you don't actually have to go and buy an entire table that is height adjustable.  For me that was a real benefit because i don't want a huge electric table that is going to be difficult to move. Imagine if you move overseas whereas the Varidesk although it is a little bit heavy it can just sit on top of any desk.

So I'm pretty excited to unpack it now we're going to speed things up and you'll see me unpack to give you a bit of background i'm getting the Pro Plus 48-inch because even though I've only got one screen at the moment who knows you may want another screen in the future and 48 inches is nice and wide enough to have to pretty wide screens alongside each other.  

Now apparently Varidesk comes ready to go and so there's no flat-pack installation instructions but you will see the box itself is pretty heavy at around thirty eight kilograms and obviously the desk is pretty heavy itself and so you want to make sure that wherever you're placing it on your table the table is actually going to be secure enough to hold that amount of weight.

Yeah this table is it's a fairly cheap dressing table but being a simple trestle table I think it would be just fine we're going to find out in a minute if everything collapses so there's just one piece inside and see what happens.  Right even some instructions that came with the Varidesk and they show me how to set it up. It was only a day of until it arrived so pretty happy with that what I’m going to do now is I'm going to clean my desk so we're getting there now.

I just have to get this up onto the desk and want to get help from my assistant to give me a hand it's wider than what I imagined which is why you shouldn't imagine measurements you should always measure properly and i think it's going to be just fine just by adjusting it and remember it comes forward it doesn't go backwards so we should be all right. Finally I get to see my collection of plants keep Venus flytrap, cactus another carnivorous plant this nice bamboo plant.

On top of the Varidesk is a brochure and on it it's got some cable ties and I think this is very useful because of the scissor action that the Varidesk has as it opens and closes I suppose cables could get caught in there and potentially they could be severed all kinds of issues that's very nice that's a nice little value and that's the action of the Varidesk is triggered by obviously a release mechanism and actually when I was looking at this online i wasn't sure these holes I actually thought though they were some kind of cup holders but now I realize that they are indeed the access point to the mechanism that raises and lowers the desk.  So having watched the videos online I know that you just squeeze the lever and you hold it until you want the desk to stop rising. So for someone really tall like it could be higher but I release the very desk back down to my height obviously squeeze the controllers and you just push it now it's probably a little bit more pressurized than I would have imagined I suppose that's so that it's nice and smooth.

I mean it's going to support potentially several monitors and you don't want something that's pretty that's just going to be you know push it back down just bang but try to get I think that's pretty good and I like how it comes towards me let's get gear on board and then we'll see how we go but now one thing to be aware of this before I raised it up for the first time you want to just have to think about how far your cables your power cables have to go to reach the socket because if they're really quite tight then what's going to happen as you lift up your desk it's going to pull them out and could potentially damage the socket on the device or you know it's just not good to pull things out.

I think I can be productive in this position now let's pretend that I've been sitting here for a couple hours and I'm tired you know what the Varidesk are very easy to adjust.  

This is actually better than my desk was before because before I had my monitor placed on top of a cardboard box and now it is raised above the keyboard and this seems like a pretty comfortable position to work.  I like the contour here which enables you to get closer to your keyboard and I feel like this is very productive.

I feel like this is going to be good but what I'll do is I'll check back in in a couple of weeks and let you know how my new life of standing with a Varides is going.

It's obviously quite an investment for most people and i think that you know you have to weigh up what the investment is worth to you because sitting all day for weeks and weeks on end like this is not good and it's going to have implications in the long run you know you're going to end up with really bad posture that's going to be difficult to correct and not many of us change career so that you are no longer based in office to some kind of active lifestyle.

Get good posture stretch more stand up and make working at a desk more pleasant and natural experience. I'm pretty excited about getting to work and that's saying something so let's give it a go I think we might as well start standing up yeah :)

David Roberts

David Roberts

David has a keen interest in technology and whilst he does spend a lot of time in front of his prided iMac he likes to mix up his day with sitting and standing.

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