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Tips to Practice Mindfulness in the Office


Let's face it, sometimes work at the office can become overwhelming. It can seem like you are being pulled in every direction at once, and it's just morning! When it gets to the point that every day is like that, it might be good to add a little office mindfulness to your day.

What is Mindfulness?

At its core, mindfulness is a way to focus on the present moment, allowing the mind and body to pause to catch up. This simple but powerful technique can relieve stress, reduce anxiety, and improve focus, leaving the practitioner feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Mindfulness is a skill that you can become more proficient at the more you do it. There are many different ways to practice mindfulness, including meditation, yoga, and even simple actions that you can do at any time.

Let's look at some simple mindfulness techniques that you can practice at your office.

Learn to Walk Again

As odd as it sounds, many of us have forgotten how to just walk between meetings or appointments without digital interruptions. Use the time spent walking as an escape from the day. Put the phone on vibrate or turn the volume down on the tablet.

It used to be that the action of walking was taking us to a new experience, a new location. It was a means by which we experienced freedom and change. Learn to embrace that feeling again, be in the moment as you travel your world, even if it is just to the conference room.

Don't hesitate to greet other fellow travelers as you pass them in the hallways. Seeing an alert and responsive face will make an impression on others as they look up from their devices. Doing this may even help you get noticed. But just remember, this moment is for you.

Practice Being Thankful and Caring

You could say that practice makes perfect applies here, or even fake it till you make it. Either way, the idea is to take a little time, even 10 seconds, throughout the day to feel grateful for everything and everyone around you.

When you shift the mental process from competing to caring, a remarkable thing happens. Stress melts, anxiety drops, and tiny bits of happiness get sprinkled on your psyche. While I may be stretching the truth slightly with the sprinkles, taking the time to being thankful and care is a powerful way to bring mindfulness into your office life.

Now, I'm not saying that it will be easy to be thankful for you know who down the hallway. But with a little creative thought, I'm sure you can find some angle that works for you. The greater the emotional content you have concerning a person, the greater the effects will be from this process.

Use Self Feedback and Affirmation

Self Feedback can be a great tool to improve your frame of mind as well as becoming a better person. The good news is that you can do it by merely being honest with yourself. And when you find that you are making headway, be sure to practice affirmation with a big pat on the back. (Metaphorically speaking, of course, we don't want any twisted elbows here.)

Practice this by asking yourself simple questions, such as:

  • Whom did I take the time to thank today?
  • What actions did I take today to learn and grow?
  • What did I do today to improve my communication with those around me?
  • Was I engaged and responsive at work today?

When you ask yourself these questions, you are doing two things at once: You are seeking out ways for which you can improve, and you are discovering results for which you can reaffirm and be proud.

This will make you aware of your interactions with those around you, focusing on the moment and letting you pause to catch up. Not only that but self-acknowledgment that you are knocking it out of the park will make you focused and motivated to do more.

 There are many ways to achieve mindfulness in your office or place of work. We have mentioned a few, but hopefully, these will help you become more relaxed and productive at your place of business. Just remember to be in the moment, at least a few times throughout your hectic day.


David Roberts

David Roberts

David has a keen interest in technology and whilst he does spend a lot of time in front of his prided iMac he likes to mix up his day with sitting and standing.

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