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The Perfect Standing Desk

The Perfect Standing Desk

VARIDESK Pro Plus 36

VARIDESK Pro Plus 36

The standing craze is hitting New Zealand at full pace. With health, fitness and well-being in mind, VARIDESK has created a desk that enables users to get active while working at 9-5 desk bound jobs.
Due to its convenient and versatile size, it’s no surprise that the Pro Plus 36 is VARIDESK’s most popular model on the market today. Catering for dual and single monitors, this option is suitable for any corporate office and home office users. It is the perfect balance between the Pro Plus 30 and the Pro Plus 48 option.
Available in black and white, the Pro Plus 36 has styled and uplifted desks around New Zealand for the past 4 years. Here is what some of our extremely satisfied customers have to say about the Pro Plus 36!


Debbie Sapsford on Jul 20, 2016
ASHS Reception
"Loving my new desk and the versatility to sit or stand!!! Highly recommend :)"


Brenda on Jul 20, 2016


"Love my varidesk. Have been using it now for a few weeks and have noticed major improvements with shoulder and neck pain - it just doesn't happen anymore! Highly recommend this product - it is well made and so so easy to use."


Rochelle McCallum on Mar 14, 2016
Love it.
"Love it. It is so much better standing than sitting. But when the feet get tired it easily lowers to sit for a while." 

Diana Moulds on Mar 10, 2016
Rather ingenious.
"Easy to use, pretty sturdy and rather ingenious, really. Love it."


Alex on Feb 22, 2016
"Had it a week and the back pain that had been plaguing me was gone within the first two days.Excellent - have had it a week and the back pain that had been plaguing me was gone within the first two days. I don't sit down to work at all and with the mat I've found it very comfortable. Would recommend it to anyone who has to spend long periods in front of a screen."




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Shaina Low

Shaina Low

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