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Stand up to call

Stand up to call


Do you stand up if you work in sales? Have ever had to make a difficult phone call? Well, science as well as my own experience shows that standing up to make a sale or a difficult call can be a positive thing.

In fact, many sale call centres have focus days where they take away the chairs for a short time and this has been shown to increase productivity and sales.


Here’s 5 quick reasons why you should stand up when making difficult calls and when you are going in for the sale.

1. Confidence

Research by social psychologist Amy Cuddy shows that body language matters, even if the person can’t see you. Standing in a power position - feet apart and hands on hips will;

  • Increase testosterone levels (increases confidence)

  • Decrease cortisol levels (decreases stress).

 2. Clearer Voice

Standing puts less pressure on your diaphragm than sitting down meaning your voice will be clearer.

 3. More natural conversation

Standing up and using a good headset is like having a conversation with a friend. You have your hands free so it is more natural and you’re in a much better position to be expressive.

4. More energy

Standing up, lifts your energy. It uses more muscles and it provides an active pose. Lifting your head, your eyes and your mouth results in a lifting of your voice and your overall energy.

5. Breathe easier

By standing up you open your lungs and allow yourself to breathe more easily and naturally. This comes across in your voice.


At Varidesk, we know that we are more productive when we stand to do specific tasks. We use our standing desks when we are on the phone, writing emails or other administrational tasks. Then, we sit down when we need to focus on something that requires deeper thought, such as writing this post.

Having a desk that can quickly and easily transition between sitting and standing for different tasks is very important. The Varidesk patented spring-assisted boost lifting mechanism makes moving from standing to sitting quick and effortless.

A Ted talk by Amy Cuddy on this subject has been watched over 37 million times. You can check it out here.

James Jelleyman

James Jelleyman

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