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How Standing Desks Can Help Students Study

How Standing Desks Can Help Students Study

I recall a frustrated teacher in my childhood forever telling my classmates and I to SIT DOWN!

So it gives me a little pleasure to find out that in fact she may have been wrong and should have actually been telling us to STAND UP!

Many companies around the world are looking at standing desks as a beneficial way to influence health and productivity in the office. It's great to see this shift in thought and it's even more inspiring to see that schools are looking at standing desks as a way to address childhood obesity and improve focus and concentration among kids. It's a great time to start a culture shift and introduce healthy habits early on. You may have seen the NZ Herald article recently that reported on the health merits of standing desks for students (if not you can see it here ) Mark Benden whom is the Associate Professor of Environmental and Occupational Health at Texas A&M Health Science Center conducted a range of experiments over 5 years and published his findings in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Healthwhich included increased concentration and burning 15% more calories for most standing desk students and up to 30% for obese students.
students were more engaged in activity permissive learning environments than in traditional seated environments. And once again, the children who were overweight and obese showed larger improvements in attention than normal-weight children.
Being able to wiggle a little when standing helps children to focus without getting distracted and even simple motions like transferring weight between feet was beneficial according to this interesting article from the New York Times. Schools across Canada are also trialling standing desks with great results as can be seen in this article here so we looking forward to New Zealand schools embracing this sit/stand environment. Are you using a stand up desk as part of your study routine? We'd love to hear from you!  
David Roberts

David Roberts

Katherine is one of the Directors of VARIDESK New Zealand. She has a passion for health and wellness in the workplace and helping others to enjoy the benefits of a standing desk.

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