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Healthier Happier Work Lifestyle!

Healthier Happier Work Lifestyle!

Healthy Office

With working hours increasing over the years and the rise of lifes pressure on our shoulders it comes as no surprise that companies are beginning to invest in healthy work initiatives to get the most of their employees. If you don’t yet have a health and wellness manager, you need not to worry. After researching further into what leading companies are promoting within their office culture, we have created a list which you can implement to decompress and feel your best...


Meditation and Mindfulness:

At the beginning and end of your week, take 30 mins away from your desk to practice meditation. It is quite a skill to have a still mind, and to focus purely on your breathing. The benefits of this is outstanding. Your body and mind have a moment to stop and relax, which in turn allows you to focus at work, feel at ease and approach challenging situations with a healthy calm outlook. Read more about the benefits of meditation for businesses HERE 



Take 20mins each week to record and reflect on your happy moments. It is easy to be hard on yourself and focus on problems at work. However, in amongst what feels at times like chaos there is a lot of good and hard work to be acknowledged. Have your team share their highlights and positive moments in their week to start off team meetings. It provides a foundation to put everyone in a positive state of mind, remind people of their talents and it is a way to celebrate small wins, which are often overlooked. You can find some great tips HERE 


Breathing Exercises:

Deep breathing exercises are not just for women in labour, it’s now becoming a popular health initiative in the workplace to release anxiety. Deep breathing allows for us to exhale worries, stresses and slow down our heart rate. It is a natural way for us to feel calm and relaxed, especially when you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders with your workload. Try and find a quite space in your office to breathe deeply, you will instantly feel the release. Read on to find 5 breathing tools HERE 


Calming Music:

Music is magical. It helps us to feel emotions straight away. Jolly music and calming music can make a real impact to our happiness at work. Music is proven to stimulate motivation, which in turn can help us to get more work done. It makes a big difference for productivity too. Often people don’t feel the need to interrupt others if they have some background tunes to keep them on track in the background. Read more about this HERE 


Fresh Air:

Find time every day to go outside, stretch and get some fresh air. Breathing fresh air helps to provide more oxygen to your cells and improves your ability to think clearer, feel healthier and happier. Enjoy fresh air for your health. Read more on this HERE

Shaina Low

Shaina Low

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