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Emma from Tauranga shares her Varidesk experience

Emma from Tauranga shares her Varidesk experience

Before and After with Varidesk

We recently received an update from one of our customers in Tauranga

Emma works @ a Law firm and was so proud of her new workspace she sent through a before and after snap.As you can see from her pictures she was making do with a few paper boxes but needed an easier way to transition from standing back to sitting. We got in touch with her to find out a bit more info so that we could share her experiences with others considering a sit/stand desk. If you've recently made the change to a sit/stand desk we'd love to here about it too:

Why did you decide to get a standing desk

I damaged my tailbone a couple of years ago and it has never come right. After lots of physio and chiropractor treatments, it was recommend that I looked into a stand up desk for work.

How much time are you standing per day

On average I try and stand for around 5 hours out of an 8 ½ hour day.

How is it going? Are you noticing any differences in comfort, focus, productivity?

Before the stand up desk, my back was quite twisted, as I had to twist to the left a lot. This caused a lot of back pain, which then put further pressure on my tailbone. The stand up desk has not only helped with my tailbone injury, but also my back, as I now have room to lean forward and write messages or notes if required and I no longer need to twist to the left any where near as much. My body in general is a lot more comfortable and I have noticed that I am able to concentrate better as a result.

How did you hear about Varidesk?

Another work colleague had a back issue and she was given a Varidesk to assist her, it was exactly what I had been looking for.

I notice you also ordered the anti-fatigue mat, thoughts on this one?

Before I found the Varidesk, I had been using boxes on my desk when I needed to stand. My feet ached a lot and I found I couldn’t stand for as long as I can now. The anti-fatigue mat, has made a huge difference in comfort and I don’t find myself standing firmly on both legs and not bouncing from one hip to the other.

Anything else you’d like to share?

This has been a great improvement to my work station, this is where I am most of the time and I think it is important to be comfortable, to enable you to get on with your day. Standing more every day has a lot of benefits and I am already feeling the results.
David Roberts

David Roberts

Katherine is one of the Directors of VARIDESK New Zealand. She has a passion for health and wellness in the workplace and helping others to enjoy the benefits of a standing desk.

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