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AECOM Stands Up for their Employees Health

AECOM Stands Up for their Employees Health


The Arras Tunnel and National War Memorial Park were built to commemorate the centenary of the First World War, and recognise the 2,721 New Zealand fatalities in the Gallipoli campaign.

Throughout New Zealand’s cities, you’ll find AECOM working to transform communities and make New Zealand a better place. They are a fully integrated engineering firm with 800 staff in New Zealand.
They work on a vast range of projects across including;  Northern Gateway Toll Road, Hamilton SH1 Extension, Air New Zealand Regional Airport designs, Endeavour School, Hamilton, and Shotover School, Queenstown and of course the biggest engineering project in New Zealand, the Christchurch Rebuild, in particular the Christchurch Metro Sports Facility. You can find out more about them HERE

Diane Budd, Regional Facilities Manager at AECOM in Auckland tells us about how AECOM supports health and wellness for their employees;

Diane, AECOM obviously invest in health and wellness. Tell us about the importance of this and what this means to AECOM. Healthy staff usually correlates to less time off due to sickness; staff are also usually happier, and staff's happiness is important to us.
How does your company promote health and wellness? We support various team sporting events; fresh fruit is provided each day. Our company have regular updates from our Health & Safety Manager e.g., this week is mental health awareness week.
Why did you decide to invest in a sit/stand work station? It was recommended by the physio for staff after injuries.
How are your staff finding their standing desk? What do they enjoy most about it?Flexibility of the desks are great. We also like the ease in which to put the desk up to standing position or down to seating position in just 3 seconds. 
On average, how often do you/employees stand per day?It depends on the individual and their needs. It's different for everybody, but they certainly make the most of it.
Have you noticed any health benefits? Tell us about it; The Varidesk is used for staff with health needs so there is definitely a health benefit to them. Our physio recommends your desk in particular so it must be reliable and strong.
How did you hear about us?  After research as to what was available on the market and most highly rated.
Why did you choose VARIDESK as your standing desk solution? The portability of the VARIDESK is excellent, if staff move around the office it is easy to relocate the VARIDESK as well given that it just sits on top of any desk.
Would you recommend VARIDESK to others? YES, absolutely!

AECOM have invested in Varidesk for their employees since 2015. With requiring space at their work stations, they primarily have bought Pro Plus 48 and the VARIDESK dual monitor arm. We are so pleased to hear that they are enjoying their desks, and would recommend us to other companies. 

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Shaina Low

Shaina Low

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