The name may be new, but our commitment to our fans remains the same, and so does our collection of high-quality products.
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A Trustworthy Standing Desk

A Trustworthy Standing Desk

VARIDESK NZ - A Trustworthy Standing Desk

We Are Not Ordinary, We Are Extraordinary! Why Trust VARIDESK?

Shopping around to find a quality standing desk? When there are so many desks on the market it can be hard to make the right decision on where to spend your hard earnt cash. We advise you spend your money on an international product that you can trust!
VARIDESK products are a simple, affordable way to create a modern, active office. Our products ship quickly, set up in minutes, and they’re incredibly easy to use.
VARIDESK height-adjustable desks, anti-fatigue mats, and other accessories come in a wide variety of sizes and models to fit almost any office design. We offer bulk order discounts and risk-free 30-day guarantee on all purchases.


We think it should be easy for everyone to work standing or sitting throughout the day. That’s why we designed VARIDESK to be affordable, adjustable and easy to use.


There’s no cost for installation and there is no need to remodel your office with new furniture, saving you time, money and man-hours. Our bulk order discounts and 30-day, risk-free guarantee make VARIDESK a distinct value.


Most of our products are ready to use right out of the box. Place VARIDESK on top of an existing desk, and your team is up and working in minutes. No tools, no assembly, no kidding!


The dual-handle design and spring-loaded boost mechanism make raising VARIDESK almost effortless. People of any height or fitness level can easily lift or lower it to the ideal position safely in seconds.


You’ll find VARIDESK in over 70% of Fortune 500 companies and in government offices at all levels. Plus, you can find hundreds of 5-star customer reviews online.

Look no further and invest in VARIDESK, a quality product you can trust! You can view our range at

Shaina Low

Shaina Low

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