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Daymond John, founder of FUBU invests in VARIDESK for his employees.

The branding experts at The Shark Group excel at transforming businesses into iconic brands. They understand that people don’t just consume brands, they live them. That’s why they’re a perfect fit for VARIDESK – they get that it’s about more than just a standing desk, it’s about living the active office lifestyle. CEO Daymond John wanted to create a dream office for his team, and as a dynamic company where people have to think on their feet, the office space needed to be just as agile as the talented people who work there.

The Goal: An active office in record time

Things happen fast at The Shark Group and, like their namesake, they never stop moving. So, our challenge was to give them an office that promotes collaboration, activity and energy, and get it set up quickly without interrupting their workflow.

The Delivery: One and done

It took the VARIDESK white glove service team just one day to turn The Shark Group headquarters into a 21st century active office. We came in during off-hours to set everything up and employees arrived to find their workspace transformed. Because each product required no assembly or minimal assembly, setup was quick and easy and there was no disruption to their business.

The Effect: “Amazing”

It was great to hear Daymond John, describe his new active office as “amazing”. He admired how VARIDESK was able to come in and immediately take his workplace to a whole new level. His employees like how the new setup has improved conversations, collaboration and teamwork and gives them a way to stay active even when they have to be in the office all day. Speaking Manager, Sheri even told us the new environs helped her feel inspired to come to work every day.


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Shannen Bell

Shannen Bell

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