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10 Ways to convince your boss you need a Varidesk

10 Ways to convince your boss you need a Varidesk

Are you in need of ways to convince your boss you need a Varidesk?Here are our top 10 tips to help you!

  1. The Investment.

    Based off our popular Pro 30 model it will cost approximately $1.64 a day average investment in your employee (or their workstation) if annualised over a year. If annualised over 3 years the cost is approximately $0.54 a day. If annualised over 5 years the cost is $0.32 a day per employee.

  2. The Research.

    Sitting is the New Smoking! You are taking approximately 7-10 years off of your life expectancy by sitting in your chair for 8 hours a day. Your chair is Killing You. Enough said!

  3. The Health Impacts.

    Caloric variances of standing versus sitting. Standing throughout the day can be the equivalent of running 10K. You cannot undo the negative impact you make on your body after you sit all day, no matter how much you exercise after work. Be pro-active in managing your employee’s health, not reactive.

  4. The Happiness Factor.

    Employees see Varidesk as a company investment in their personal health and wellbeing. This can lead to increased energy, less sick days taken, improved productivity, and higher retention rates.

  5. Courier Service.

    We have a great courier system, our Varidesk models are only a maximum of 3 working days away from being at your fingertips.

  6. No Risk.

    We have a 30-day “no questions asked” return policy for your VARIDESK. We will take the desk back at NO cost to you and issue you a full refund. There is no risk.

  7. Comfort.

    We have 11 different height adjustments, which allow for any number of body types and work styles to use our desks. There is no need to worry about how our desks can impact another employee’s. Ideal for companies who share workstations. 

  8. The Fit & Finish.

    We have a range of different models for your desk types. We can be as specific as you need (or as general). We can help you provide solutions to your employees that allow for sit/stand uniformity of your office workspace.

  9. Keep your existing desk!

    Our units do not require any fastening to (or modification of) your existing desk or workstation. This means you can extend the lifecycle of your office furniture, protect your initial investment and can easily move our units to another workstation should the employee relocate.

  10. The Ease of Use.

    Our units come fully assembled out of the box and do not require additional expense to assemble. Varidesk are simple to use and easy to modify for other users.


So there you have it! Stop smoking, stop sitting, start living! Forward this email onto your HR or company decision maker and make a healthy stand today. You can view our product range via our website:

Here is a letter you can copy and paste to your boss to get things started:


I’d like to add a height-adjustable desk to my workstation to improve my health, energy and productivity. Excessive sitting is a proven health hazard on par with smoking and a sit-stand desk is a simple way to make my workday healthier and more active.

VARIDESK offers all the health benefits of a sit-stand desk without the installation, complication or expense that many similar products require. This information packet will hopefully answer any questions you may have about the health advantages of standing desks and it will give you some specifics about VARIDESK products.

I consider VARIDESK the best standing desk solution because:

It’s Simple
VARIDESK was designed to be affordable, adjustable and easy to use 

It’s Budget-Friendly
The 30-day, risk-free guarantee, free shipping and bulk discounts make it a truly unique value.

It Comes Fully Assembled
It sits on top of our existing desks, with no need to install new furniture. No tools, no hassles. 

It’s Easy to Use
People of any height or fitness level can easily lift or lower it to the ideal position in seconds.

 It Gets Great Reviews
People really love it.

I hope you’ll consider my request and let me know if you have any questions or concerns that we can discuss further.

Thanks for your consideration.

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